Thank Fuck it’s Friday

Fridays here, the best day of the week with the whole weekend stretched out before you and the chance to round it all off with the London Escort of your choice. For us Friday is not a wind down ready for the weekend, it’s one of our busiest nights so we have to get geared up for you guys.

It would make a great advert on TV, I only wish In had the money to do it…it could be all atmospheric like the Cathedral City Cheese advert…the UK waking up, you struggling to work while, cut away to Micaela waking up and showering. You stressed taking loads of phone calls, one of our London escorts shopping for sexy underwear. You finishing work and arriving home…one of our girls pulling a nylon stocking on and pulling that pencil skirt down checking her appearance in the mirror. You lifting the phone….then it’s cut to Vanesa’s stocking clad leg emerging from the back of a taxi. 

You see what a great advert that would make and then the caption Playful Escorts…Come play with our Escorts in London….fantastic and perfect for night time TV in place of those awful chat phone ads. Do you know anyone who calls those lines? Do they not realise that far from it being the girl in the advert it’s some fat old cow in Oldham whose too lazy to get off her arse and get a proper job so she just sits on the sofa with the phone.

Anyway that’s just a dream and for the future I guess. Have a lovely weekend and book and please book one of our Escorts…Thanks.

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