Tell Me Why I don’t Like Tuesdays

I know most people tend to say that Monday is the worst day of the week and I can completely understand this logic considering the fact that it is the first day of the week and many of us will have just had two lovely days off only to be thrown straight back into the mix on the first day of a five day week. But it has come to my attention as of late that perhaps Tuesday is a little bit worse, now this may just be me but does it seem as though Monday goes quite quickly and Tuesday goes a lot slower? Monday comes and everyone complains but then just as quickly as it seems to come it goes on its way again for another week, but Tuesday is a different story as it comes after having already had a full day at work but also have 3 full days in front of you, can you see my logic now? Add to this the fact that nothing remotely interesting ever really happens on a Tuesday and I would have to say that it does qualify for the worst day of the week award. So in order to spice up your Tuesdays and make them that little bit more interesting and entertaining I think it is best to hire a London escort.

My logic is this: Monday isn’t great but at least it usually goes quite quickly and you usually will not feel too fatigued as you will have had 2 days of rest before it. Tuesdays come along and you feel like it is another Monday almost as it is the beginning of the week still but you will probably feel a bit more tired as you will have been up early for work the previous day. Wednesdays aren’t too bad because you are aware that it is the middle of the week so you are half way toward your weekend. Thursdays of course are fine because it is the day before Friday, and everyone’s favourite day Friday is the start of your days off. Talk about living for the weekend. So treating yourself to an

escort in London on a Tuesday will at least give you something to look forward to. Going for a nice meal or to see a film with a busty London escort will make Tuesday feel like a Friday which will go a long way to breaking up your week. And yes it is Tuesday that I am writing this and I am glad that it is almost over!

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