Techno babble-Things were better now than in the 60s and 70s

Last weekend I decided to brave a trip home to see my parents, as they complain they usually only see me at Christmas. So on the Saturday morning I threw an overnight bag into the car and left the world of London escorts for sunny Norfolk.

After a rather drawn out journey I finally arrived at my parents’ little bungalow near the coast. I have to say, it was nice to see them, although they can be annoying at times. I guess that’s just a parents’ prerogative. My brother was also there with his girlfriend and, rather embarrassingly, Mum did the classic thing of showing her all the family photo albums! The poor girl had to sit through about four albums of pictures and explanations spanning the years since my brother, and then I, arrived in the world.

Bless her, she went along with it and cooed adoringly at all the right moments. The interesting thing about this little nostalgia session was that it spurned quite a discussion about the ‘old days’ and how they compared to now. I think my Dad is a die-hard Hell’s Angel at heart. He reminisces about the 60s as if they were the only era worth growing up in, and constantly complains about modern life.

Personally, although there were loads of things back then that I would have loved to see, I can’t imagine living without the benefits of this era. It perplexes me now, as I know it does many people of my generation and younger, how anyone got anything done without mobile phones and the Internet. Everything must have been incredibly slow. And how did people find opportunities, buy and sell things, without Ebay and job sites? When I think how many of my daily chores I carry out online – from contacting friends to shopping, from banking to researching, I can’t imagine how I’d cope without these options now.

On a similar note, how would people perform the job of selecting a babe from an escort agency in London if they can’t see who’s on offer? Websites are essential for displaying the charms of busty escorts in London, or the glossy tresses of  blonde escorts in London, through a series of gorgeous photographs that show a customer exactly what he’s going to get.

I suppose some people do just phone the agency and say that they want a petite, blonde, white escort, as if ordering a pizza. But I know many enjoy using the website, perusing all the photos and agonising in a happy way over who to go on a special date with.

London escorts have come to rely on using the Internet to sell themselves, and go to a lot of effort to do this effectively. Of course, I didn’t point all this out to my dad. But I felt that I was arguing the case for a whole bevy of beauties when I insisted that things were better now than in the 60s and 70s, not least because of what the Internet gives us.


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