Sympathy For The Devil

Us guys who book London Escorts get a mixed reception in society lets face it. For me it’s the most natural thing in the world. If you need a date and there isn’t a lady in your life at the moment, or tensions are running high with the girl you do have such that she is using her womanly charms as some kind of bargaining tool to get her own way, then to my mind our London Escorts are the perfect way to take control of the situation. Some elements of society do frown on it, but so often it seems to be ugly women who maintain it’s because they are feminists who support womens rights and are fighting inequality. We both know, Escort girls do not suffer from inequality, they are making the most of the attributes that God gave them and why is it so often that the women who are so quick to condemn look like Anne Widecombe on a bad day.

Yes the Ugly Birds against London Escorts Campaign boasts many signatures from tired old dragons who would never in a million years have had the opportunity to participate in the industry and probably have not had an admiring glance from a guy in their whole life. I’m not happy about that, everyone deserves to find love in their life and it does seem so very unfair that through some genetic inheritance, some are more likely to find happiness than others but the answer is not to attack the rest of us and try to spoil an Industry that works fine for both guys and girls. Let me tell you U.B.A.L.E there are very, very few victims in this Industry. Infact is we are talking purely the Escort industry as opposed to lumping it in with the massage parlours, then I’d say there were hardly any victims at all. All the guys are aware of what they are doing. All our Escort Girls are happy with what they are doing and we as an agency are simply putting these two willing participants together.

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