Swan Song

Have you heard about the row concerning the recent movie ‘Black Swan’? According to some of the media-savvy London escorts, a big fuss was made initially about how Oscar-winning star Natalie Portman learned ballet in the space of a year, so that she could do much of her own dancing in the film. However, her body-double on the set, professional ballet dancer Sarah Lane, has come out of the shadows to proclaim that only about 5% of the dancing was done by Natalie. Furthermore, she finds it insulting that people thing her profession is easy enough that a movie star can become proficient at it with a year’s worth of training – after all most ballerinas train intensively practically from toddler-hood. The studio, of course, has hit back, saying that Portman did about 85% of the dancing for the final film, with Lane only handling the more difficult sequences. Hmmm….I guess they’d have to hire an impartial expert to examine every second of the movie’s footage and record exactly what bits are down to Portman, and what bits are Lane’s. I do sympathize with Lane – she’s got a good point that you can’t expect someone to become an accomplished ballerina in a short space of time, and it must sting a bit that she probably did a lot of the donkey work while Portman got all the glory (especially that nice shiny Oscar). But still, there’s no real reason she should have expected any of the glory – I mean Portman was hired as the star talent and media darling, while she was hired as the body double.

I wonder if other body doubles/stuntmen etc suffer from this kind of jealousy? I’m sure some of them must, it’s quite a standard human condition. Conversely, I wonder if stars ever feel guilty when they’re heavily praised for a film in which a double has done fifty percent of their scenes for them? I know some stars, such as Tom Cruise, insist on doing as many of his own stints as possible.

Film stars are lucky that they have the option of a double. All they really have to worry about is the acting side of things – the editing team takes care of the rest.

Blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London can’t rely on anyone else to share their workload or help them look great. You might think they look unbelievably beautiful and perfect in their photos, but the truth is they’re also like this in reality. They would get ‘found out’ pretty quickly if their real looks didn’t match up! Cue a row of ‘Black Swan’ proportions!

London escorts have it quite tough, I think, in that they really do need to look their best at all times, not just in photo shoots – I mean, for many clients, the proof is in the pudding!

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