Surviving The Benefits Squeeze

Just when you thought it could be getting better, the real costs of the recession have yet to hit the ordinary citizens of England. A whole host of reforms aimed at overhauling the benefits system has been announced, and while we appreciate that making the system fairer and getting rid of cheats are great in the long run, the belt tightening it will require from us all will definitely be uncomfortable.
With spiralling bills, reduced benefits, and a job market that has yet to recover, it is difficult to see the bright side of life sometimes. The simple pleasures seem to be out of the reach of the ordinary man, and one can get a little jaded at times like these. Here at Playful Escorts, London’s most popular escort agency, we do our best in times like these to bring joy and happiness to the lives of London’s gentlemen, one escort girl at a time.  We have always brought you the very best cheap escorts to be found anywhere in London. They come from all corners of the world, providing you with a cultural experience without you even having to leave the comfort of your own home.  You can have your choice of a beautiful brunette escort, perhaps a Latina bombshell, with whom you can go dancing the night away at one of the city’s best salsa bars. Or perhaps you’d like to spend a quiet night in with one of our blonde escorts. You can share a great bottle of wine and enjoy a cuddle on the couch with this beauty. She may offer to give you a massage that will have the tension melting away from your body with the first few strokes of her skilful hands. All our escort girls are sensual creatures who enjoy physical contact, and will not refuse your offer is you choose to give her a massage as well.
We have not increased our rates at all, so you can still afford the pleasure of one of our London call girls.  Our clients will happily tell you that although we specialise in cheap escorts London, there is nothing unclassy about the ladies who turn up for a date with you. So despite the inevitable belt tightening, rest assured that meeting with a London escort is one pleasure that does not have to be squeezed out of your life.
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