Sun Worshipper

I do not want to say this prematurely and jinx the whole nation but it looks like the sun might actually like us after all. After months of hiding its warm glow the sun has been out in force this past couple of days and it looks set to continue over the weekend, and boy do we deserve it!

With the weather over the last 6 months (or what I like to call the eternal winter) there has been a rare treat in the past 2 days, we have had 2 whole days of sunshine. For anyone reading this from abroad where the sun is shining and the weather isn’t such an issue that people post blogs about it you can think that it is unnecessary as much as you like but when seeing the sun in the blue sky 2 days in a row becomes such a rarity you cannot help but comment on it and get a tad bit excited. I am currently sitting and writing this at the London escort HQ and the sun is shining on my face, being this warm without the heating on seems almost alien but long may it continue!

I have always felt like people in general are a lot happier when the sun is out. On my way to the London escort HQ this morning, despite it being a Monday I felt a little bit more optimistic than I usually do on a Monday and looking around the train it seemed as though a lot of the other people travelling to work felt exactly the same. There were a lot more smiles on the train this morning then there normally is on a Monday morning, I have travelled to the London escort HQ on many a Monday morning on the exact same train and you can almost feel the difference in the air when it is a nice day.

As guys we all see the sun coming out as a bit of a treat not only because it is pleasant to sit in the sun and not have to wear 100 layers every time that you leave the house but also because it means that females will not be wearing 100 layers each time they go out, as the weather gets warmer and warmer they tend to wear less and less and this is always pleasant.

Working with the London escorts over summer and during the sunny days is one of the perks of the job, whilst it is always nice to walk around in the parks and if you are lucky enough to go to a beach during the summer as the women all tend to look quite good it does not compare to be around a bunch of sexy escorts in London when the sun comes out.

So give one of the girls a call now before the sun goes in and they have to start wrapping up again!

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