Summer Festival of Love

Now, I’m not normally one for crappy adverts, but I find my head nodding in sympathy every time I see that Aviva ad. You know the one – the old hippie having flashbacks on the way life used to be in the old days of free festivals and free love.  His missus was a darned sight better looking than she is now, and was certainly keener then to do a little dance and make a little love.

Now, with comparison sites literally being a dime a dozen, I couldn’t care less about trying to find out if I really can save two months car insurance if I switch. But this advert really got me thinking; having a good time has certainly gotten expensive. My heart skips a beat whenever I hear the ticket prices of these summer festivals, where we all know the main attraction is really the thousands of nubile, young girls, and not the music. But I’m a little beyond the stage of rolling around in the mud, and I must confess a liking for women who smell fresh and clean rather than those musky with sweat and cheap deodorant.

That’s why I’m thankful for sites like Playful, where the women are clean and the price is right.  The calibre of Escort Girls on the site is second to none, and I genuinely believe the rate Playful Escort charges is a better value for money than festival tickets. At £110 per hour, for the company of a gorgeous young lady, who could say no? For a guaranteed good time, booking our London Escort Service is so much better. Certainly saves you the hassle of waiting in miles of traffic, only to realise your tent refuses to transform into a love nest and not having the pretty girls look your way.

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