Stockings Or Not

I have this ongoing battle with other staff at the Agency over the role of underwear in our photoshoots. Personally I love a London Escort is sexy underwear. For me that has to include stockings and preferably suspenders. A pretty flowery bra and pants simply does not get my pulse racing in the same way as black nylon does.

What I’d like to ask you is am I one of a dying breed? I know I’m an ‘Old Git’ and I notice that these days, even in terms of the stockings themselves, it seems that most girls who do wear them go for the hold up option. If I had my way, it would be suspenders every time. There is nothing like putting your hand up a girls skirt and encountering a tangle of lace, elastic and clips, then a swathe of silky soft thigh, then a little more elastic and then of course the ultimate.

This subject is really starting to make me feel old and like somehow I’m in the minority. I actually also find tights sexy (big confession there)…I think more to do with experiences as a teenager…and I accept that I’m in the minority in that department…a London Escort in tights I guess has to be considered my fetish and I accept that, but surely stockings are universally sexy. They draw your eyes to a girls legs and then act like a sort of detour sign and aim you in the right direction and then unlike tights, there’s nothing to stop you from reaching heaven. If you think we should put our London escorts in stockings for both photo shoots and dates or if you think that I’m outdated and girls look better with just bare flesh, let me know. Give me your age as well if you don’t mind and that way we’ll have an idea if it’s a age thing or if it’s just a change in fashion. I’d be fascinated to get your thoughts on this.

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