Have a pleasant time with escort during Spring Break in the USA

When this time of year comes around it is not only us on this side of the pond that get a bit excited, our American counterparts across the Atlantic often get quite happy about the impending sunshine that is on the way when spring starts to show itself. A lot of the time people start to start planning their summer holidays around this time of year, if they haven’t already. The London escorts start to get a lot of calls inquiring about their availability around this time of the year as a lot of us want to get away and us guys often like to get away with a sexy female like a busty escort in London alongside us.

Over here a lot of us like to try and get away for at least a week to somewhere nice and warm and beachy, this will usually be somewhere else in Europe, especially for groups of young guys and girls who will often look to party the week away on the party islands of Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Malia and the like. Our American counterparts like to do the same in a ritual get away known as ‘spring break’ that has become infamous even over here. This usually consists of hoards of young Americans heading over to Cancun in Mexico (which is the equivalent of a trip over to Spain for us, lucky buggers I know) and taking over all the bars and clubs for a few weeks of mayhem.

A few of the London escorts have had the privilege of going over there and indulging in some of the spring break festivities and it sounds like a great experience. Just as many Americans want to come over here and experience the delights of Ibiza and Ayia Napa, many of us Brits would like to go over there and experience spring break.

Having been to many of the party islands in Europe myself I would also like to do the same, and if the pictures that some of the escorts in London have taken are anything to go by then I am sure any guy would have a good time over there. Some of the girls that were in the pictures with the London escorts could easily come over here and work with us at the London escort HQ, they were all pretty stunning and so were the beaches, bars and clubs that were on offer.

So if you want to change things up a little bit this year and get amongst the whole spring break tradition in the US, give one of the London escorts a call and see if she would like to go with you, after all it is always handy to have a hot girl on hand to go partying with even if you are surrounded by a whole bevy of them.

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