Easter weekend has snuck upon us quite fast, in fact I wasn’t even aware that this coming weekend was easter weekend until one of the London escorts mentioned it yesterday morning, not that there is a major rush to do anything like there is at Christmas, it is just always nice to know when to expect a bunch of chocolate eggs that will probably take my 6 months to eat.

Although Easter is a nice time of year because it means that the vast majority of us will be getting some time off of work, and it has been made especially nice this year as the weather would appear to be paying us back in kind by giving us some extremely summery days in the midst of what is usually a rather wet month of April, Easter can still be a tad boring unless you are planning to go away somewhere. A lot of places are closed up and some people like to have boring family get together’s that should only be reserved for Christmas time!

This is why hiring a London escort for the Easter period is a great idea, below we have outlined some of the fun things that you could get up to with an escort in London this Easter weekend.

1. If the weather stays as nice as it has been today, which they say it will, but we all know it probably won’t, it would be a great time to make up a picnic and go and sit in the park with a busty escort in London. Being so hot the likelihood is that she will not be wearing too much so as well as being treated to some lovely weather you may well also be treated to the rare sight of a gorgeous female lying right next to you.

2. Getting out of London for the weekend might be a good shout, the parks and outdoor spaces in the capital might get a bit overcrowded so it might be a better idea to get out of dodge and go to one of the many lovely countryside spots this country has to offer. Do not worry about boredom either as there is rarely a dull moment when a London escort is on the scene!

3. Have a big BBQ at your place and get a couple of the escorts in London to host it with you, imagine your friends coming to the door, ringing the door bell and being greeted by a sexy London escort handing them a nice cold beer, doesn’t get much better then that does it?

Whatever you decide to do make the most of it guys, if the weather is warm and we have some time off it is definitely something to take advantage of.

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