Sofa So Good…TV so Bad

I don’t know if it is just me but I often find that I much prefer watching awful TV when I have someone o watch it with. If you are sitting and watching one of those awful shows like Snog Marry Avoid or The only way is Essex then it is a lot more fun to do so when you are watching it with someone that agrees with you regarding just how awful it is. Otherwise you just end up feeling like a bit of a loser who watches rubbish TV by themselves, it makes you feel a lot better when there is another loser in the room so that you can both agree on how rubbish what you are watching is even though you probably think that it is quite good deep down, if you are in need of a partner to watch rubbish with then look no further then the London escort girls who will not judge you or think less of you if you are a fan of Jersey Shore.

I don’t know what it is about certain shows that gets you locked in, you can be sitting there watching it knowing full well that it is really bad but you will still be inclined to just watch it. The same has recently happened to me with the MTV program Jersey Shore, I was introduced to it by one of the girls from the elite London escort agency, my reaction to her when she first suggested it was just to laugh and ask her if she thought that I had time to watch such crap, as I am sure many of you know the London escort girls can be quite persuasive and she managed to work her magic on me and got me to watch the first episode.

One week later I found myself frantically searching for where I could watch the rest of the series online, I don’t know what it is about it but its awfulness just makes me want to watch it more and I find watching it even more fun when it is with someone that shares the same feeling towards it as I do. I have actually watched the first 2 seasons in their entirety, many of the episodes I indulged in with the same

London escort that first suggested that I watch the program.

The characters are all so unbelievably hilarious and annoying that it becomes like a bit of an addiction to see exactly what they will get up to next, whether it is sleeping with each other, punching each other or wearing the worst clothes seen to man on nights out it is quite hilarious and I must thank the London escort that told me about it.

If you want a partner to watch rubbish with then give one of the Escorts in London a call and they will be happy to assist you.

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