So what do you do then?

It’s amazing how often you hear that question asked in conversation. It’s like the car you drive or the glasses you wear, it helps people to fit you neatly into the pigeon hole, its what they want to be able to do. I’m by no means ashamed of what I do, but I don’t make a habit of explaining it in great detail. That’s because I know that society tends to be judgemental without being in possession of the full facts, so I keep my counsel.So please NEVER feel ashamed or awkward about calling us to book an Escort. I think the best way for me to put this whole thing in perspective is to say that over the years, to my knowledge Playful has supplied companionship to Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Actors, Celebrities and Policemen. Yes every pillar of the local community. These people are as entitled as the rest of us to indulge their passions…don’t get me wrong I’m right behind them. What I hate is the hipocrasy that has them making laws, administering them,condemning the rest of us and brazenly telling lies to the general public about there beliefs and so called ‘moral code’

For fucks sake stop telling us how we should like our lives and get a dose of realism and be honest with yourself and the public.

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