This is the time in the football season when all the big matches start coming thick and fast and it is difficult to watch all of the matches that you want to watch, especially if there are females in your life that would prefer that you did not watch those matches. There will be a lot of you looking forward to the Manchester United VS Chelsea game that is on tonight and there will be a lot who are disappointed with the outcome of the game, but whether your team wins or loses you can still hire a London escort to either celebrate or commiserate.

You know that feeling when there is a big football match coming on and your team is involved (Assuming that you are a football fan) and you start to get that slight knot in your stomach? The nerves start to get to you and you cannot bear the thought of losing to one of your mates teams. One of your good mates having bragging rights over you when it comes to football is never a nice experience. Whilst at the London escort HQ earlier I was chatting to a mate on the phone about the big game tonight and I started to get that familiar feeling. 

He supports one team and I support the other and there was no way that either of us would let up if our team were to come out on top, I started to think of things that guys could do to make themselves feel better when this situation occurs and the obvious conclusion that I came up with was to hire a busty escort in London.

There is nothing like a gorgeous female to take your mind off of something that is annoying you, especially when that something is a mate that just won’t shut up about the fact that his team just got one over on yours. If you end up on the losing side you can usually expect the typical barrage of texts and phonecalls, even Facebook messages or Tweets on Twitter if you are a fan of social networking, they will often not let you get away.

The best thing to do in this situation is to be ready for the worst, give a London escort a call before the game and arrange to meet her after the final whistle, this way you will have created a “win win” situation for yourself. If your team ends up on the winning side then you get to celebrate with a sexy escort in London, perhaps you could even get her to call your friend and mock him. If you are unfortunate enough for your team to be on the losing side then you have a busty escort in London on hand to take your mind off of it and cheer you up. The girls all know how to have a good time and there is no chance that they would let you dwell on your friends mocking, so be smart and prepare yourself either way by calling a London escort.

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