After international woman’s day came along yesterday and caused all women to declare to each man they see that it was indeed their day it is now the turn of non smokers to annoyingly turn to any smoker that they see and declare that it is national no smoking day which therefore means that under absolutely no circumstances should they be smoking. I imagine that the reaction of many a smoker will be similar to that of many a man when they are told about the national day….”so?”. Well that was my reaction when the London escorts told me about both days anyway.

Whereas international woman’s day didn’t really mean that anything specific was happening apart from all the girls that are on Facebook updating their status to tell everyone that it was international woman’s day, no smoking day is actually aimed at helping people quit smoking (or so I am told by my informers the London escorts.)

Apparently there will be a load of stop smoking centres set up at different locations around London such as pharmacies and doctors where people that are looking to give up the worlds most difficult habit to give up can go and find out different ways that they can give up.

A few of the London escorts told me about people they know that have been to these stop smoking clinics and the different methods that they use and suggest to quit smoking. Everything from patches and gum to those weird vapour cigarettes have been mentioned. For those of you that do not know about the strange vapour cigarettes that have been floating around allow me to explain…. They are basically a little electronic device that you can put these little capsules in which turn to vapour, this vapour is then released when you take a ‘drag’ on the device.

The whole idea behind it is that it gives the smoker that sensation that they are smoking a cigarette, blowing out the smoke etc without actually damaging their lungs in the same way. The craziest thing about these electronic cigarettes is that you can smoke them inside, yes I said it, smoke inside, remember when that was possible? You can use these things on planes, in bars, in clubs, restaurants, all those places that people used to be able to smoke, it is really strange.

The one method that they don’t suggest at the stop smoking classes is to hire a London escort to help you get over smoking. The influence of a gorgeous female can work wonders for any guy, I actually know a guy that managed to get over smoking by going for a sensual massage from a London escort anytime he wanted a cigarette, it works!

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