I’ve been reading with interest in ‘Grazia’ the story of Dior fashion designer John Galliano’s very public and dramatic down fall over the past couple of weeks. Lunch times at the London escort offices are my favourite time to catch up with a bit of celebrity gossip. It’s very important, and ten times more entertaining than politics! In case you’ve been in deep space and missed the reports of Galliano’s fall from grace (you also won’t know that Brangelina have adopted another 12 children), the ‘creative genius’ obviously let it all go to his head a couple of weeks ago in Paris, when he launched a couple of astonishing anti-Semitic rants at tourists in the café he was in. It was also caught on video and beamed around the world via the Internet, so everyone could revel in his appallingly racist behaviour. Galliano, who had been creative director at Dior for twenty years, has now been dropped by the label that made him a star and there are fears from his friends that he will now be ostracized from fashion, or even public life altogether. This seems quite unlikely to me somehow. It nearly always appears that ‘any publicity is good publicity’ when it comes to celebrity misdemeanours. Galliano’s best friend, in fact, supermodel Kate Moss, gained shed loads of publicity when she was snapped snorting coke six years ago. The seedy images made front-page news and Moss was initially dropped by a whole host of names. After the furore died down, however, she was picked back up again, and now fronts a range of projects with even more fame than she had before. She’s even launched her own very high-profile clothing range in Top Shop.

I think if a celebrity is desirable enough and has enough ‘pulling power’ when it comes to adding gravitas to films/TV/fashion labels etc, then possibly about the only thing that’ll get them permanently exiled will be serious sex crimes or possibly murder – and even then they sometimes manage to sneak back in years later. There’s always some company exec greedy enough to hire them.

I guess the most common celebrity crime is adultery, which happens on an amazingly frequent basis and results in the public destruction of their marriages. Although it might earn them some hate mail, it rarely does much long-term damage to their careers.

Blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London are in an interesting position because their profession sometimes leads to dates with high profile figures – under conditions of utmost secrecy, obviously. From what I understand, they learn a lot about celebrities and politicians that probably never even makes the newspapers much of the time – they could probably write books on them, if they weren’t so discreet!

It must be odd for them to be on a date with a famous guy that has a famous wife, and then see happy pictures of the couple in the tabloids the next day. What an intriguing, exciting and risky lives London escorts lead!

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