Shower with a Friend Everyday

Some men, it seems, don’t take their personal grooming habits very seriously. Apparently only two in five shower every day, and about 60% change their underwear just twice a week. Ugh! OK, I know we lead busy lives these days, but surely there’s always time for hygiene. I work full time at the London escort agency but I know if I turned up to work in the morning having not showered or changed my boxers, I’d spend all day feeling filthy, as well as paranoid about being smelly! And if I oversleep or whatever in the morning, I’ll make a point of getting to the gym at lunchtime so at least I can shower there.

Other than basic hygiene however, I don’t exactly go overboard with my personal grooming. I get my hair cut about once every two months, shave most days, trim my nails when they start poking holes in my socks, and comb my hair most days. I’ve never had a manicure or a pedicure, use moisturiser only in emergencies, and generally don’t partake of any other lotions or potions intended to make me beautiful. It all just feel ridiculously girly, not to mention time-consuming. I’m lucky though, in that I tend to look pretty reasonable just by covering the basics – I don’t feel that indulging in costly beauty treatments will significantly enhance my looks. I even look quite pleasantly rugged if I don’t shave for a few days, my hair looks ok short or long, and the skin on my face doesn’t look like it’s crying out for Nivea Night Crème.

Some men, however, aren’t so lucky, and I do reckon there is a few that could do with some extra help. For example my friend Dale is not particularly good looking, but he certainly doesn’t help himself with his lack of grooming. He has the kind of hair that looks fluffy and feminine if not kept cropped quite short, his attempts at ‘designer stubble’ tends to look juvenile and his skin often looks dry and patchy. On top of all this he wears clothes that are old and ill fitting. All this does him no favours with the ladies, and it’s all I can do to stop myself insisting on giving him a makeover. He’d call me gay though, if I did that. Anyway, Dale says he knows he could make these improvements but struggles to find the motivation to do it, especially as there are no women on his ‘horizon’. I pointed out this was a catch-22 thing, and that perhaps booking occasional dates with escort girls would help inspire him to get tidied up a bit. I mean, if he knew that in two weeks time he had a date with a blonde escort in London or a busty escort in London, I’m sure he would be getting busy at the barbers and Topman.

So now he’s agreed to use London escorts as incentives to keep himself looking ship-shape!

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