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There is a bit of a Marmite situation with cruises amongst most of the people that I speak to. Some people love the idea of just staying on a self contained cruise ship and cruising around a certain area like the Caribbean for a week or two. Where as other people think it is a bit of a stupid idea as you do not really get to see the country or islands that you are visiting properly, you would end up going all the way out to somewhere like the Caribbean and spend most of your time on a cruise ship. I myself have never actually been on a cruise so I am unsure as to whether or not I like the idea. It does seem a bit strange spending the bulk of a holiday on a big ship and not really getting to see much of the actual country that you are visiting, but then again there is a hell of a lot to do on cruise ships now days and they are pretty luxurious. I think it all depends on the company that you have, for example I think going on a cruise with a London escort would be quite a good time, the whole lavish experience would suit being with a sexy female like a London escort where as it wouldn’t be so fun with a group of guys.

My parents actually went on a cruise in the Caribbean last year and their stories of what the cruise ship was actually like were quote astounding. There are full size cinemas, huge swimming pools, a gym, a SPA complete with Jacuzzis and saunas, a selection of restaurants, shops, bars a little night club and more. It sounds like a floating city pretty much which I suppose is what makes it so popular. I thought that the rooms were likely to be little box rooms with a small bed and perhaps a toilet and sink but they were far from that. The room that they stayed in was complete with a king sized bed, a shower, toilet, draws, a wardrobe and anything else that you expect to find in your average hotel room!

If you have ever wanted to go on a cruise but never had someone to go with then consider giving a London escort a call, chilling out on a luxury cruise ship with a busty escort from London is always going to be a treat whether you end up liking the experience or not and you should try everything at least once so why not give it a go?

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