Sheer Indulgence

When does indulgence become over-indulgence? I’d like to know the answer to this. I came pretty close to finding out over the Christmas period when I was faced with a huge tin of chocolates. Not eating any of them was obviously not an option. But how many is too many?? One chocolate isn’t enough, but nor is a handful. Is half of the 1 kilogram tin too much? I felt confused and irritated! In the end I settled for one third of the lot but still was none the wiser as to whether or not I had truly ‘over-indulged’ myself. When I asked our London Escort girls, they assured me that I hadn’t overdone it – but between you and me I think they were just being kind. They’re nice like that.

So how about a hot bubble bath, filled to the brim and with all the lotions and potions you could ask for on hand – plus at least an hour’s soak – is that purely indulgence? Add to this mixture two bottles of premium champagne, a box of top-rate choccies, rose-petals and not forgetting the most stunning Busty Escort in London – surely that is indulgence itself?

You can indulge someone by buying them a gift that they really want – it’s always nice to spoil somebody isn’t it? Our Escorts in London love having little treats now and again and let’s face it – they’re worth it! But when does indulging someone cross the line into over-indulgence? If you take a young child to the confectionery department in Harrod’s and let them choose to their heart’s content – they will end up with a chocolate mountain the size of the Oxo Tower and that’s definitely over-indulgence! But the thing is, it’s good to indulge yourself once in a while. Or once a week. Or even once a day!

How often do we really indulge ourselves? And what is it that men really, really want? Well it certainly isn’t clothes, cars or the latest iPad (although they’re all very nice indeed, don’t get me wrong) – the only true indulgence can come from the company of the fairer sex and the warm fuzzy feeling it gives you inside – or is that just me?

Our Blonde Escorts in London represent the ultimate indulgence every time. Beauty, sex appeal and everything in between, they’ve got it. Just looking at them, you can see that they are pure indulgence personified! No other Escorts in London can compare with our girls. Okay, so I might be slightly biased but believe me – I’ve done the research myself (it’s very painstaking) and there just aren’t any more beautiful women than these! Give us a call and see who’s available either to indulge you and ease you into 2011 or receive the pampering and treats that you’re desperate to bestow! Either way, this indulgence is a pure, feel-good factor and a great way to kick-start your new regime. Whatever your tastes, be it Blonde, Busty, Brunette or just plain Gorgeous (that’s my favourite) – we’ve got them all right here and waiting for your call!

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