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Liliana bayswater

If you’re looking for a sexy massage with Bayswater escorts should be able to satisfy your needs, with honey on top. Massage is a very popular service in the escort industry, and most of the girls represented by Playful offer it (and are fully qualified to practice it’s techniques). I think the reason that massage is such a desirable service is because it provides the perfect balance of relaxation, tactile pleasure and arousal – all this going on at once can be a real dynamite experience, especially when you’re at the mercy of an exceptionally beautiful escort girl.

The popularity of massage in all walks of life is reflected in its diversity of styles and techniques, something I’ve become more interested in recently. This new interest was awoken when the gorgeous Playful escort Henna offered me a massage, designed to encourage my signing of her to the Playful books. I’m always open to persuasion – not that I really needed very much – so I arranged to visit her at her apartment in Bayswater. While it may not seem like the most obvious place for a massage parlour Bayswater is in fact packed to the rafters with private residences, some of which also happen to be lovely, discreet places to go for a therapeutic rub. There are some very nice back streets, and patchworks of gardens and Victorian terraces, tucked away from Bayswater’s main thoroughfares of Queensway and Westbourne Grove. These little luxury houses are one of the nicest places to have a W2 massage, so I was in a very good mood when I arrived at Henna’s place. My mood improved even more when I saw what she was wearing, or wasn’t wearing, I might say – basically lacy red knickers and a matching camisole top, that made her 34D breasts look rather huge. Understandably I was somewhat distracted as I lay down on the bed with just a towel covering my modesty, but it didn’t take long for Henna’s magical touch to lure me into a trance like state. I should mention, by the way, that Henna is the most incredibly sexy little Brazilian firecracker with a sweet face somewhat out of kilter with her naughty character.  Unfortunately that day she was on her best behaviour, but I didn’t mind too much since she educated me on several different types of massage, such as Swedish, Thai and deep tissue. Her expert knowledge and enthusiasm really inspired me to learn more about the topic of massage Bayswater girls seem to already know so much about.

While I absolutely love going for a top class massage Bayswater has so much else going on that it would be a shame to not also spend some time with an escort out and about, exploring all the little roads, gardens, cafés and bars. Since there are significant ethnic populations in the areas there is also a good choice of interesting restaurants offering exotic cuisine. My ideal date would probably be dinner and drinks at a Thai restaurant, followed by a Thai massage, preferably with a girl like Henna – ahhh bliss!

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