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I’m a horny sort of a guy. Nothing kinky but I’m tolerant of anyone whose into anything as long as they don’t hurt anyone who doesn’t WANT to be hurt. I’ve tried these web cams and frankly I don’t get the attraction. It ranks for me along side those telephone chats lines. How stupid or drunk have you got to be to want to call one of them?

Sex cams are the same. OK you get to see the girl, usually some half asleep bored east european in a cubicle the size of my downstairs toilet. But then its hardly sexy..her going through the routine she’s done a thousand times before, and frankly one fanny looks much like another. You’re speed wanking to try to keep the cost to a mimimum and the only thing moving faster than you’re hand is the meter. You can spend £40 easy if you’ve had a few sherberts. I heard a story of one guy who fell into a drunken stupor half way through and woke up in the morning with the meter still running..that’s an expensive wank.

Bottom line is don’t waste you’re money on ‘virtual’ anything…call us and meet a real girl for god sake.

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