Sensual Massage in London

Sometimes the thought of a hot London escort pops into your head when you least expect it. Like on a hungover Saturday morning. It’s the usual story. You had a big Friday night out with your mates. You hit the town after work and stayed out till God knows when. You’re now feeling a little worse for wear. You drank all sorts last night and it’s a bit of a blur how you even got home. And what’s that dull pain in your leg? Could it be you hit the dance floor last night?

You have vague memories of break dancing to Beyoncé. A text from your mate confirms this. Yes, you were break dancing to Beyoncé. And not for the first time. Your mates love taking the piss of your moves, but last night someone was impressed. Yes, that fit brunette you met in the club. It all comes back to you. You were chatting her up at the bar and then getting close on the dance floor. Then Beyoncé comes on and you bring out your best B-boy moves. Your mates think you’ve blown it with this girl. But no. She’s loving it! Against all the odds, this girl thinks it’s hot. So hot that, yes, you got her number. There it is saved in your phone. Result.

Some of your more insane mates want to go out and do it all over again tonight. But you feel like taking it easy. You had a good one last night, had some laughs, got a fit girl’s number, but tonight you fancy a chilled one. Best to nurse your dancing wound. And that’s when Playful Escorts comes in. What better way to soothe a hangover and an aching leg than a massage from a beautiful London escort. Our hot London escorts would just love to get their hands on you and work their magic. But who to choose! Whether it’s a busty blonde you’re after or a raven-haired minx, you’re spoilt for choice when you come to us. Maybe you’re a sucker for Dana’s sweet young pout. Or perhaps you prefer a more experienced lady like the luscious Camilla. Either way, you can be sure they’ll take good care of you. You can just lie back, relax, and let one of our girls do what they do best.

I say one of our girls, but why not treat yourself and book two? I may have got this wrong but don’t they say ‘two’s company, three’s bloody fantastic’? Four sexy hands all over your body. It certainly makes for a more efficient massage. Well, how can it not when you’ve got four hands working away instead of two. I’m no mathematician, but I’d say that was twice the fun!

So that’s settled it. That’s exactly what you need. A massage from two hot London escorts. If you’re feeling lazy you can get them over to yours. Or if you prefer an incall, you will be guest of honour at a chic, warm apartment, and your hostesses will be one of the finest escort duos in London. It doesn’t get much better than that. When it comes to say goodbye, you’ll feel like a new man. And once you’re fully recovered, you might give that girl from the club a text. Who knows what she might be up for?

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