Do you like your girls to be screamers? I hope you know what I mean, that is a woman who likes to express her emotions loudly when making love. I think it’s great as long as you’re in the same room as her. I’ve had many occasions when on business trips where it’s the couple in the next hotel room who are getting all the action and you’re just laying there being pounded ¬†with the thump thump thump of a headboard on the adjoining wall accompanied by much high pitched encouragement from the young lady.

I once had a girl at work who used to tell the embarrasing tale of her partner whom she’d recently moved in with receiving a letter asking him to keep the noise down. Our London escorts are specifically told that if things do progress between you two to the point that two consenting adults decide they’ve got to get it on (or Off I’m not sure which it is now) that there noise level is not important provided it’s genuine. I just wished I’d had that letter from a neighbour…I told her straight I’ve have had it framed and mounted on the wall like a fast food shop will frame it’s food hygiene certificate. Let’s face it it’s a testament to a man’s great performance and can I give you a tip.

If you do happen to be lucky enough to disrobe one of our Busty Escorts London or Blonde escorts and then you subsequently get her vocal cords warmed up then please take your time. There is a technique you should try with a Black Escort if you get the chance. That is don’t rush to give her that orgasm, try to hold her on the point or close to it, ease off the intensity, move your attentions to a less errogenous area of maybe go and make yourself a cup of tea.

The fact is that’s going to make your Black Escort very angry, initially she’s going to curse you unless you do it very subtlely such that she just doesn’t quite get there. In fact you really shouldn’t plump for the Tea drinking suggestion as she might get so frustrated and angry that she makes a bolt for the door. No just ease off slightly and keep her bubbling along. The end result when it comes will be a mind blowing and eardrum shattering orgasm that will leave me in that adjoining hotel room shaking your hand the following morning and congratulating you on an Olympic effort.

Good Luck with your conquests…I wonder if Charlotte Church sings when she comes? I bet her screaming is at least in tune…God I would lurrvvvv to find out she’s a personal favouriteof mine.

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