Scary or Spice escort

What you will choose scary or spice escort. These terms are used only for describing women personality. Just intended to pep up the routine here and there rather than challenge me. It’s not that I don’t like to learn new things, but for me the learning isn’t really worth it if incorporates huge amounts of fear followed by a very high potential for embarrassment and/or physical discomfort.

My impending nightmare at the moment is a best man’s speech at my mate’s wedding in a couple of week’s time. Needless to say, I usually make every effort to avoid this kind of horror, but on this occasion there’s no chance of wriggling out – he’s practically my best mate and has helped me out a lot in the past, even lending me money once. So, unless his engagement falls through, in two weeks time I’ll have to stand up in front of two hundred guests and talk for several minutes about how great my friend is. At least the subject matter is quite easy – but it doesn’t stop me waking up in cold sweats every night. The ‘special day’ is looming over all my waking and sleeping hours, tingeing every experience with a stressy, sick feeling that sits around me like a heavy fog.

All I can do is keep reminding myself to put things in perspective, and remember that the dread is usually worse than the actual event. For people like me that tend to get overly-worked up about life’s less pleasant challenges, I think sexy treats such as escort girls can be a very useful coping mechanism. Firstly, if you want a total distraction from the fear and worry, a date with a spicy escort in London or a scary escort in London is sure to take your mind of things, and secondly, arranging a date with a London escort as a reward once the challenge is complete can act as a great incentive for getting through it. It’s a way of ‘keeping your eye on the prize’ I guess, and giving you something to think about that may actually diminish the horrible chore ahead. And the thought of a massive crate of beer helps, to

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