Scallops to you Rose…Up Yours ‘An All Mrs Bridges

Can anyone tell me what program the title comes from?…and it’s not Upstair’s Downstair’s

I was watching a movie the other night when in one particular scene, this rather fashionable gentleman entered the room with a female escort on his arm. The film was made 50 years ago and it reminded me how far escorts have come, specially escorts in London. In those days, escorts were ironically covered from head to toe. I guess people found it very arousing to imagine what was underneath all that clothing, though I imagine it must be very hard to undress her in your mind with all those layers.

I don’t know if it was just the way she was portrayed in the movie, but I guess the escort there was pretty much what you would call a stereotype: beautiful face, nice body, silent and armed only with a charming smile. Looking at the present, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the beautiful face and nice body, but the rest can’t be said about today’s escorts, specially London escorts. Escorts before, as I’ve seen and studied, were of one general look: mostly Caucasian, handsome features and fair skin. Nowadays, escorts are of varying races, looks, statures and features. In fact, it’s hard to find an escort nowadays that follows the look of the 50’s. We now have Asian escorts, Black escorts, petite escorts, voluptuous escorts and escorts of varying natural hair colours.

One things I’ve noticed also is that people used to think that escorts were all about the looks and empty between the ears. I’m sure escorts long ago also had brains but society never put much importance in that. Today, however, you’ll find that escorts have varying skills aside from the obvious. I’ve encountered many escorts who are very popular with men of stature because they speak two or three languages. There is definitely something to be said about escorts who know how their wine, food, books and politics and use these knowledge to make them more appealing to their clients instead of intimidating.

Before, I’m sure that if an escort would be booked, all that’s needed was for the client to see how beautiful she is, and it’s a done deal. Now, I’ve encountered a lot of inquiries from clients who can be very specific when it comes to choosing a girl. Aside from being particular with how the girl looks like, sometimes clients also ask if a girl knows how to speak French or if she is particularly inclined in the arts. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but breast size, although still important, is not the only consideration clients have these days.

I think it’s a positive sign that escort girls are breaking out of the stereotype they’ve been boxed into because they have so much to offer their clients. I for one would love to book a girl who can relate to me when I start jabbering about politics. Not enough to start contradicting me, mind you, but I’d rather see a girl who knows what I’m talking about instead of one who just looks at me blankly and gives a nod every now and then.

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