Right Royal Yawn

There’s been an awful lot of media coverage of the whole Wills and Kate engagement this year. I’m surprised that it’s such a big deal actually – the royals always seem so irrelevant these days! At the moment the coverage is generally positive – photos of them both as children, and when they first got together, and how well Kate has been doing at her first public engagements, what a fashion icon she is etc. The London escorts love all the fashion articles  -and I’m sure more of them are looking like Kate Middleton recently! Only far more stylish of course.

One of the most amusing types of articles on the two lovebirds is that which talks about how madly in love and compatible they are based on factors such as their body language. For example, there’ll be pages of photos of both Wills and Kate ‘mirroring’ each other’s posture or gestures. The resident body language expert analyses the photos to reassure us that the pair are indeed very well suited. Although I don’t doubt these two are genuinely in love, I always have reservations about the practice of disseminating a whole relationship based on a snapshot of the couple. This crops up regularly in newspapers and magazines, usually to lend support to the theory that a couple are ‘under strain’, or still madly in love after all those years. For example, when everyone was speculating about a possible breakdown between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the media provided us with those snaps that show them looking in different directions, with too much space between them, or looking really angry. I suspect that if the photos had been shown of a different split second in time the impression we get might be totally different. And snaps of celebs looking furious or upset are probably nearly always down to some inappropriate act or comment by the paparazzi. So I do think these stories need to be take with a pinch of salt.

That said, I often wonder what the photos would look like of escort girls out on dates. I’d live to see paparazzi style snaps of blonde escorts in London or brunette escorts in London with their besotted clients splashed over the tabloids! Of course, young escorts in London pride themselves on being discreet and professional, so I don’t think this would ever actually happen – but ‘experts’ would have a field day with the photos! They would probably say ‘THIS is exactly what you would expect to see from a couple that are infatuated with each other – see the way they gaze into each other’s eyes? Their attention is fully on their partner, not distracted by anything around them, and they consistently mirror each other’s behaviour and gestures. They’re very close at all times, signifying intimacy and trust, and take any opportunity to make physical contact – arm touching, hand holding etc’.

London escorts might not be in real relationships – but they can certainly show the rest of us what it should look like!

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