Has the weather this past weekend been the best it has ever been in April? I cannot remember another April that has seen so many people walking around looking a tad bit sun burnt. I was always under the impression that April was meant to be the month of showers, the transition month between the cold weather and the warm weather but instead we have had a weekend that has seen the London escorts stripping down to their summer beachware and hoards of us guys whipping our tshirts off in the hope that we will not get the dreaded tshirt sleeve lines. Temperatures apparently hit the heady heights of the mid 20’s which for April is pretty dam impressive for this time of year. The fact that it lasted for so many days in a row as well is pretty rare, and the cherry on top being the fact that it actually lasted over an entire weekend, not just a random Tuesday when most of us are too busy at work.

London was one of the most pleasant places to be over this weekend, there was a real buzz in the air as everyone enjoyed themselves in the sun, all of the parks were packed, the BBQ’s were out and all the women, including the London escorts started to show off those summer bodies that they have been working on, plenty of reasons for all of us to have a smile on our faces then.

It almost seemed like a celebratory public holiday, kind of like the royal wedding weekend had come early, every pub that I walked passed and every park that I visited was decorated with hordes of sun worshippers drinking copious amounts of beer and cider and it seemed as though everyone that I came across had a smile on their face, quite a rare occurrence for London.

The busty escorts in London received quite a high volume of calls as a whole host of guys scrambled for their services , and probably a glimpse of how hot the London escort girls were looking. It will be interesting to see whether the sunshine manages to stick around, it is very rare that it is consistent enough to rely on for more than one week, so I am sceptical as to whether or not there will be anymore nice weather this year, we all know how our country likes to tease.

Time will tell, but at least we can say that we all enjoyed a nice little treat over the weekend and the London escorts will have enjoyed being able to top up their tan.

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