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There is no doubt that life in London is bloody hard work. Even since the introduction of the Boris Bike, travelling around our great city is, lets face it, a pretty stressful thing to do. Our London Escorts are here to try to ease the stresses and strains of your life but we do understand that sometimes it can all get a little too much.

Only adding to the chaos is London Underground strikes and now the fireman…so not only does your journey home take four hours instead of 45 minutes…but when you arrive there, you find your whole family has been wiped out in a house fire…that’s probably not the time you’re going to ring for an Escort in London but a few weeks later when you’ve sorted everything out then maybe you’ll pick up that phone and be looking for a shoulder to cry on. We’re here for you so don’t despair.

The other way of course that people bring instant gratification to their lives is by going shopping. Yes if you’ve had a shit week what better way to cheer yourself up than buying that chrome expresso maker that you always dreamed of having or the bread maker or the Playstation 3 or of course the latest 3 D television. Well I’m here to say don’t waste your money on such unnecessary rubbish. You know in your heart that the coffee maker with get two weeks of use, then be confined to a dusty corner of the kitchen for a year or so…then get sold on Ebay for some bargain price. The Playstation 3 is just going to drive you insane and cause countless sleepless nights and 3 D TV’s are shit…do you really want to sit with those Joe 90 glasses on all night long?

No you see what you really need is to explore the Escorts London has to offer you. Have a real experience with a real human being. That is something you will remember for a long time to come and you don’t need 3 D glasses to do it. All our Escort Girls are in 3 D already (some of them double D!!) so forget the material things in life and get spiritual with a Playful Escort.

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