Repeat Customers – Like Kids in the Playful Candy Shop

We’re very pleased at the amount of repeat customers that we get here at Playful Escorts. It seems that once they have experienced a date with one of our great Escort Girls, they can’t help but come back for more. Our receptionists, professionals that they are, have become familiar with the preferences of these frequent callers. Knowing your taste is certainly helpful in recommending a date who meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

There are several types of repeat customers. Firstly, there is the guy who has developed a strong affection for a particular London Escort, and has established a regular date night for meeting her. I like to think of them as the faithful joe, who, having found that single flavour in the candy shop that knocks his socks off, wants that and only that. Then there is the bloke who enjoys a bit of variety, but has a special thing for Brunette Escorts. When he calls, we know he’s looking to meet up not necessarily with the last London Escort he dated, but with an equally stunning and affectionate brunette who’ll happily let him trail his fingers through her dark tresses. This is the man who likes to try everything in the chocolate aisle of the candy shop, exploring new blends of his favourite sweet all the time. Then, there is the explorer. Like the kid who wants to try everything in the candy shop, he truly believes in diversifying his tastes each time. This bloke craves the excitement associated with dating a different kind of girl each time. Each event is a sample of a unique blend of physical attributes and personality traits, most with an international flavour.

So which kind are you? If your fascination for Paris has been going on since you met her six months ago, and you religiously arrange to meet her on the last Friday of each month, then we’re betting you’re a faithful joe who’s no doubt developed a soft spot for this stunning Spanish Escort. If you’re like Steve from Uxbridge who’s booked to meet with Toni this week after a torrid date with the stunning Erika last Friday, then chances are you have a thing for classy Blonde Escorts, and we’ll certainly keep these pale haired beauties coming your way. The true Playful Escorts veteran explorer knows and enjoys the thrill of meeting with any of our stunning London Escorts, and has enjoyed memorable evenings with beautiful Black Escorts such as Nemeh, and the frisky Duo Escorts. Whoever you may be, thanks for making it Playful Escorts.

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