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Magazines and newspapers these days seem to be brimming over with advice and tips for couples wanting to keep their relationship alive – ranging from saucy sex suggestions to the best ways of handling financial conflicts and household chores. Some of these articles are aimed at couples that have been together years, some are for newlyweds, and some are for couples that have just moved in together. Few people would admit that relationships are a walk in the park – there are all kinds of challenges along the way so I think it’s quite useful that there’s so much advice out there aimed at tackling the problem. Working at a London escort agency I think it’s quite useful for me to be familiar with all this kind of literature.

Probably the thing that couples complain about most is a lack of romance, affection or spontaneity – otherwise known as ‘sparkle’. Women harp on about how their partner used to be so attentive in the early days, always planning things to make her happy, surprising her with romantic gestures. I’ve learned quite a bit about all this kind of stuff and I would like to tell all the men out there: DON’T stop doing all this for the woman you love. I know you think it’s only necessary to impress her until she agrees to be with you, but it’s not enough. If you truly want a long and fulfilling relationship, you’ll have to keep making considerate gestures for the duration, otherwise she’ll assume you don’t really care about her anymore and act resentfully towards you, resulting in a lot of relationship angst. Whilst women sadly reminisce about her man’s thoughtfulness, men lament that women always start ‘having a headache’ at bed- time. Obviously then, women need to make the effort to keep the physical side of things aive, but men should remember to keep that beer gut under control too.

So, aside from all this kind of advice, which I’ve deftly borrowed from the literature, there are also reams of sex tips levied at bored couples. This can range from new sexual positions they can try to ways to enhance romantic settings and moods.

A married couple I know recently took to heart a rather extreme offering from this category of advice – dating other people for a month or two and then sharing their experiences and new-found vigor. While this indeed did spice up their sex life no end, it’s risky, and I would advise caution with your choice of fling. Obviously things could get complicated if it’s someone you know. Personally I’d recommend dating some London escorts, as it’s kind of ‘safe’. Blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London would be sure to provide plenty of experiences the couple could talk about together and learn from!

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