Redecoration of My London Escort Office – Playful Escorts

Having successfully redecorated some of the London escort office I decided it was about time I tackled my own flat. Some people have commented it looks a bit like a squatter’s pad! So for the first time in my life I set about designing the interior of a home, beginning with the inspiration process. This involved watching some re-runs of ‘Changing Rooms’ (remember this? Two sets of friends set about redesigning a room in the other’s home, under the direction of flamboyant designers and overseen by presenter Carole Smiley. Oh, and they only have two days and a budget of about £500. Sometimes the results were good, but other times the designer’s eccentric ideas and love of MDF prompted tearful shock from the contestants – thus providing entertaining TV), stealing some ideas of the internet and consulting an old paint chart sitting in the cupboard.

Thus prepared, I ventured forth to Homebase and nervously collected all the necessary materials for my Grand Design. Well it took me a couple of weeks and a generous few hours of help from friends on a Saturday afternoon, but eventually the job was done and I now have a proper grown-up flat to live in, complete with houseplants and teak coffee table.  It’s amazing how much different it feels there now, like a completely different place. It’s stylish and cosy, and for the first time I feel like I can really be at ease there, rather than just treating it as somewhere to sleep.

Transforming my flat made me realise how important surroundings are to my state of mind (my mum always says ‘A tidy room is a tidy mind’, and I think I finally believe her!)

It’s made me think about all the apartments scattered across London where our gorgeous escorts can be found (Bakers St, Bond St, Bayswater, Central London, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Earl’s Court, Edgware Rd, Euston, Fulham, Gloucester Rd, Great Portland St, Holborn, Holland Park, Kensington, King’s Rd, Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, Notting Hill Gate, Old Street, Paddington, Sloane Sq, South Kensington, The City, Waterloo, West End, West Kensington). They’re obviously all quite different depending on the girls that live there, but it’s important for the comfort of clients that they’re tidy and homely. Unavoidably the accommodation does always seem to end up very girlish, but clients don’t tend to mind this as long as there’s a girl to go with it!

Some clients who are dating a busty escort in London, or a blonde escort in London, prefer to visit them in their own apartments for various reasons. Often their own home isn’t really a very suitable place to go back to because of other people living there, or because it’s in need of a visit from the ‘Changing Rooms’ team! Additionally, the idea of going out on a date in the city doesn’t appeal – the client would rather enjoy a cosy evening in the pleasant surroundings of a London escort’s apartment, away from the hustle and bustle outside, or the reality of home.

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