Rainy Days with a Playful Escort

If the last few days are anything to go by, the notoriously fickle British summer has packed her bags and bid us adieu. The capital is once again back to its wet and soggy state, filled with mac – clad, wellie- wearing residents and visitors. To be fair, we did have quite a few days of glorious sunshine, with some scorchers thrown in for good measure. Lots of lazy afternoons have been spent soaking up the rays in the park, checking out the sunbathing beauties and downing Pimms.  But you can’t help but feel resentful having to pull the jumpers out of your closet when Matt from accounts just flew off to perpetually sunny Ibiza.

While this wet city of ours may yet experience an Indian summer, we think its a waste not to enjoy the present rainy spell. And yes, there are a few perks to the buckets of water and drop in temperatures.  You and one of our great escort girls could have an ‘Explore the hidden Gems of London’ evening, browsing some of the many museums and galleries to be found throughout the city. Holding her hand will certainly keep both your hands warm and toasty, and when she smiles at you as help her jump over a particularly large puddle, you’ll feel as if you’ve just seen a ray of sunlight emerge from the dark grey clouds.

Rainy days provide you with the perfect excuse to invite a lovely lady over for a cuddle on the sofa, watching cheesy movies and listening to the steady patter of raindrops against the window. With a selection of charming, beautiful ladies, you’re spoilt for choice. Perhaps a Latina Escort to bring a little extra heat to the evening? Or a charming Eastern European Escort to make you appreciate the fact that countries where a summer’s day means 9 degrees produces women whose stunning curves will instantaneously raise your temperature by several degrees. No need to be at the pub, downing yet another pint in tribute to the sunshine that was.  Generate some warmth of your own with a Playful Escort. Or is you feel extra cold, choose one of our Duo Escorts. We’re London’s best cheap escort agency, so there is no need to think that the cost of the girls’ company will leave you feeling even more depressed. Despite our cheap rates, our escorts are top quality, and well capable of getting you all warmed up. Playful Escorts. The cure for rainy day blues.

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