Preparing for Your Date with an Escort

A date with a London escort is something that many gentlemen look forward to.  For many of our clients it’s the occasional treat – an hour or two in the company of a beautiful lady to help them unwind from the stress of a long week. For others, their meeting with one of our cheap escorts is a weekly event.  Whatever the frequency, each and every date deserves its own special care and attention. Everyone’s got their own way of preparing. First of all, we recommend getting yourself ready. Have a shower, get some fresh clothes on, and clear the clutter from your sitting room. Think about how you’re going to make the lovely lady coming to see you feel welcome and relaxed. Perhaps a glass of wine and some soft music in the background to set the mood? We’re pretty sure that your efforts will not go un-rewarded.

There’s the mounting excitement to the run up of the date. All you’ve really got to go on is a photo on our site and the recommendation of our receptionists. But something tells you it could be a date to remember. You know you’ve chosen the best cheap escort agency in London, one that has a track record of recruiting great escort girls who take your pleasure seriously. It’s a weight off your conscience when you know your escort girl is happy doing this job, and that she is not being forced or controlled in any way. We are very serious about this at Playful Escorts, and do thorough checks before adding any girl to our gallery. Besides, who wants to spend time with someone who is resentful that they have to see you?

So both you and your place are ready to welcome a great escort London over. We know you may feel a bit nervous when she first rings your bell, and you may feel a little awkward when you first make eye contact. Our advice to you is just to relax and let things proceed naturally. Be sure to compensate her for her time before beginning your date.  You’d already have been told her fee when confirming the booking. Don’t insult her by suggesting a lower amount. Remember that this is her source of income, and that you’re unlikely to find such high calibre escorts at these bargain rates.

Once you’ve got the necessaries out of the way, just be your usual nice self and enjoy your date. You deserve it.

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