Preparation’s the key when escort booked

You’ve made the (right) decision to give one of our beautiful London Escorts a call, you’ve booked a date and your flat looks like a nuclear testing site because you’ve been at work all week and, no, you don’t have a maid. Worse still, you’re not sure what your supposed to even do when she arrives (all you have is a bit of soup that went off in 1974 and a bottle of crap beer somewhere in the cupboard)

Don’t panic. Not only are our girls completely at ease wherever their surroundings, you don’t have to kill yourself trying to impress them as you would with a normal first date. Still, you don’t want to come across like a slob. So, the first step is to get tidying. ANd by tidying, I mean, strategic moving.  

Anything that can be put in a cupboard, put in the cupboard. No it doesn’t matter which cupboard… trainers in the fridge? Cool. Dirty dishes in the laundry basket? Weird but acceptable. You can sort everything out later, the lines for what is acceptable are blurred when caught out last minute. Get the hoover out, wipe the sides, put some intellectual looking books on the coffee table/side of the sofa and check for anything incredibly embarrassing hanging around. Like your flatmate. Or your flatmates girlfriends underwear behind the TV. That sort of thing.

Next, ring Dial-a-drink (the central London number is 07951172007) and get some red and some white in. No, our girls aren’t fussy but it’s always nice to feel like you’ve got something to break the ice with before the night gets started. And there’s nothing a London Escort loved more than surprises.  Dial-a-drink is one of the world’s greatest, and most overlooked, inventions. The booze should arrive in the space of half an hour depending on where you live, and you can google around to find one closer to you. They’re all over the Capital so you should be able to find one that’ll deliver to you. Unless you live somewhere ridiculous, in which case, run to Costcutter or go alcohol-free. You’ll at least remember the experience and will be able to string a sentence together.

Clean flat, wine in the cupboard (next to the trainers), white wine in the fridge… the basics are under control so you can either sit and drink the crap bottle of beer, or add some extra little touches.

Lamps are better than bright lights, so bring some of the lamps from other rooms if necessary. Strip lighting is a bit of a mood killer, so try and avoid where possible. Don’t do the whole Barry White thing. I mean, it’s nice but it is a bit cheesy and might make you feel a bit more awkward than you’d think. Some music is always good though, although once you’ve met your London Escort, there won’t be any silences. They’re chatty, eager to please and up for anything- it just adds a nice background atmosphere to the date.

So there you are, your fail-safe guide to getting your flat primed for a date with a London Escort! Now all you have to do is look at the ridiculous amount of hot girls who could be sitting on your sofa by the end of the week and make your choice. Easy.

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