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Being a big football fan I witness the same thing every summer where there are hundreds of rumours going around about which player is going where and for how much, the London escorts get sick of me constantly watching Sky Sports News to see if any new signings have been made by anyone, it can get quite addictive. What I have noticed in recent years is just how insane the amount of money footballers  go for is. They are almost like a commodity in the way that people talk about them, kind of like slaves or something, people question how much someone is worth whilst putting a price tag on their head to determine how much someone else will have to pay for them. Because we are all so used to this practise it does not seem at all strange but when you actually sit down and think about it is quite weird, in any other area of life apart from football it would probably be frowned upon a little bit that people have price tags put on them and they are sold to make profit for another football club. It makes me think how much some of the London escort girls would be worth if things were based on looks and not footballing talent.

The most expensive football transfer ever was the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid for £80,000,000 which seems like an absolutely insane amount of money for a footballer no matter how good he is, think of what that amount of money could do for a developing country, think how many students that could put through university or how many homeless people could be helped with that amount of cash, it is pretty crazy when you put it in those terms. The London escorts still do not really understand how the process works, I think that they think of them like slaves almost, like they have no say in what happens to them or where they go, they are just sold on from club to club. Whilst it is of course not that bad it can look like quite a strange practise for those on the outside looking in.

It is like if I was to say one of our gorgeous escorts in London was worth £10,000,000 but I would swap her and £5,000,000 for another even hotter girl from another escort agency in London, it just would not seem right would it? But it wouldn’t actually be that far removed from the situation with football clubs and footballers but it would still be seen as something that is just not on because people are not used to it. Anyway this will not stop me from watching it with great interest and you guys will just have to settle for hiring the London escorts for the evening if and when you please.

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