Praise Indeed

Do you ever feel that you don’t get the praise you deserve for your achievements? At school, all you had to do was not get ‘hat’ mixed up with ‘had’ and there’d be high praise from teachers and parents along with house points/smiley faces/merit badges etc. It was relatively easy to get noticed and rewarded for something, and in a way I think this spoiled me – I’ve grown up to feel quite dissatisfied and neglected if people don’t notice and celebrate my successes. I should imagine this problem will be worse for younger generations, who go through schooling that ridiculously tells them they’re fantastic even if they’re not, and encourages all of them to believe they’re ‘winners’ even if they’re only giving about thirty percent.

When I landed my job at the London escort offices I was rightly pleased, and proud of myself for out-interviewing the other few dozen applicants. But of cause, landing a job, even a much-desired one, is such a common ‘achievement’ in our society (although I understand it’s becoming much rarer!) that it barely warrants a few simple congrats messages on Facebook and a  ‘Well done honey’ text from your Mum.

Similarly, when I completed a 12-mille marathon a couple of years ago, it hardly got a second glance from most people I knew, although my two closest friends did take me for a celebratory drink – and discussed their girlfriend problems. I suppose we’re used to hearing about people completing the ‘real’ London marathon and other feats of sporting prowess, but to me, a non-runner all my life, surviving a 12-mile marathon was epic. But was there a party thrown in my honour? No! Was I awarded a merit badge and given a round of applause? Of course not! It makes me wonder what I’d have to do to have people congratulate me with more than just a pat on the back. Anyway, I’ve accepted that in adult life the rewards are much smaller, so now I compensate by rewarding myself when I think I’ve done well at something. When I finished another marathon last year, the next day I went out and brought myself a lavish new computer desk as a way of saying ‘Well done me’. And when I managed to get an article published in a relatively popular magazine, I treated myself and several friends to a night out at our favourite club.

Luckily there are lots of ways we can reward ourselves for our successes, and it’ll obviously be different for different people. I know some folks that have treated themselves to a holiday – or, even better, a date with a gorgeous young escort in London! Talk about ‘Congratulations!’ Busty escorts in London and blonde escorts in London will always be happy to help you celebrate – they’ll even draw little smiley faces on a report card for you, if it makes you feel better. You’ll probably find this is unnecessary though once you’re in the warm, rewarding arms of a London escort.

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