Polish up your technique

I’ve just been reading an article about how to be successful in interviews. Not that I’m looking to leave my job at the London escort offices but I think it’s useful to be aware of certain things, like body language for example, that can affect your success in all kinds of situations. The article wasn’t particularly groundbreaking stuff, mainly the usual things such as ‘do your research on the company beforehand’, ‘don’t ramble; better to take a few seconds to collect your thoughts’, and ‘don’t slouch or fold your arms’. It all seems like such obvious stuff now, that it makes it all the more painful when I remember how terrible I was at interviews when a shy teenager. I mean, embarrassingly awful, like what the hell was I thinking? I remember the worst was for a job at BHS when I was about eighteen. The woman interviewing me noticed from my CV that I was an ‘animal person’ and asked me if I preferred animals to people. Without thinking I said jokily ‘Well, they don’t talk back’. I was only trying to be light hearted and humorous but obviously it was about the worst thing I could have said. To top things off, she caught me looking at my watch and asked ‘Do you have to be somewhere?’ to which I vaguely replied something like ‘Oh, uh, yeah, in a bit’. It would be a huge understatement to say I was a clueless youngster.

Remembering my ineptitude makes me feel even more awestruck that there are young escorts in London, some of whom aren’t even twenty yet, that go about their business with the kind of sophistication, maturity and worldliness I once associated with much older people. Just what phase of development did I miss out on that all these young escort girls seem to have successfully emerged from? I guess I had a fairly sheltered upbringing, but still….

Older blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London might have more experience that their younger counterparts, but in terms of simple effort and attitude there’s nothing to call it. I can’t imagine any of these young girls fluffing interviews the way I always did at that age – and when they’re just starting out in this business I’m sure a lot of them go through a phase of feeling that they are indeed attending job interviews with every date they embark on. Perhaps the need to prove themselves and compete with the other girls drives their quick progression.

It’s not only the girls that can feel they’re attending job interviews – newer clients often worry that they have to impress London escorts on the date. What if he says the wrong things and the girl doesn’t like him? These clients should be reassured to hear that once on a date with an escort girl there is no ‘proving himself’ necessary  – he has essentially already ‘won’ her and she wants to do her best for him in the allotted time – for her peace of mind as much as his.

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