Playful’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell thinks he’s some kind of expert on what constitutes talent. Performing dogs, Michael Jackson impressionists, singers and dancers…what the fuck does he know about dancing?

Well Simon if you really do want to cast your eyes over a bit of talent then here at Playful we’ve got plenty to choose from. We cover just about all the categories you could think of…latinas, the English Rose, Black or pale skinned beauties, young college girls to the mature MILF’s that seem to send you guys crazy. Each one unique in their own right yet sharing the Playful phiiosophy that says basically if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing…then errrr…don’t do it!!!…and certainly don’t do it under the Playful Escorts banner.

You see we do try to look after our girls, we are probably one of the most supportive Agencies in London but only if they work with us to promote our brand. So please if in the unlikely event you encounter one of our girls that fails to meet with your requirements….and please sleep on it so that you’re sober and thinking straight, then give us a call and we will do our best to resolve the matter and if circumstances are right, we will politely ask the girl to move on and find another Agency.

We’ve had some stunning girls working with us in the past, but no girl is bigger than the Agency as a whole and so they will be asked to move on if their standards start to drop.

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