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I heard something today which not only made me sad, but also made me rethink all those times I’ve used Limewire. HMV is having to close loads of stores because nobody bought any CDs over Christmas. Well, that’s an exaggeration. A few people did, but not many. Can you imagine if the same happened with London Escorts? Firstly, it would mean an approximate sixty per cent increase in depressed, lonely guys and secondly IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. HMV is closing because everyone just downloads music, either illegally or otherwise. You can’t download a London Escort.

With music it’s fine. It’s the same quality, you’re getting the song (if occasionally taped off the radio with some weird Spanish guy speaking over the last verse) and you can barely tell the difference. With our London Escorts, yeah you can spend your life checking out their pictures and closing your eyes and wondering what it would be like to meet Bella or Carla or even Paris, who sometimes hangs out with her twin sister. But there is nothing like the real experience of meeting these girls.

You can’t compare it to anything else really. Alright so I guess you can… it’s like watching Avatar without the 3D on a black and white TV set. Suddenly you realise the plot is crap and it’s not even half as good as the real thing, i.e. Paris and her twin sister who are, for want of a better phrase, absolutely up for anything.

When looking at her picture and reading her bio, you can only think of where it is describes herself as drawing the line. Meeting her in person is the only way you’re ever going to find out what this wild girl really gets up to on her nights out, or in. Meeting an Escort this beautiful in real life, who is there for you and nobody else, who only has eyes for one person (I’m talking about you again, obviously) is no comparison to scrolling through a view photos. Sorry HMV but you should have been a London Escort agency, because here there is no recession. How can there be when our girls are this beautiful, this eager and this irreplaceable? You can get photos of hot girls anywhere. You can’t hang out with them, most of the time. Or if you can then there’s always a chance that they’re a massive disappointment.

At least you know that here, our Escorts our top quality, and always on average 200% better than checking out a photo. If the pictures are the CD’s, then booking on of our London Escorts is like going to a one off gig. At Wembley. Front row.

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