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I can’t say I’m thrilled at the news that car-crash reality TV start Kerry Katona is planning to make a pop comeback. Even she says ‘I can’t sing to save my life’, so why should she get to make records again? I know she started off in Atomic Kitten, so she’s obviously got a music back ground, but we all that most people can get away with being a bad singer if you’ve got several band mates to carry you and the added assistance of auto tuning and other editing devices. I think even I would sound good with all that, and maybe I wouldn’t have to remain confined to singing in the shower or in the acoustically wonderful toilets at the London escort offices.

OK, so Katona has some relevant qualifications on her CV, but to be honest I think most people have forgotten that she used to be a Kitten  -these days her fame seems to stem solely from being a bad, trashy mother with addiction issues, having surgical weight loss and being a celebrity participant on programs like ‘Dancing on Ice’. It sounds horrible, but this is what she’s good at, and how she entertains her public! A music career seems entirely unnecessary – although I guess you could see it as all part of the show, the next chapter in the ‘What Kerry Did Next’ book.

Of course, she’s not the first celebrity to make an unsuccessful (sorry, but it’s a fairly safe bet) foray into the world of pop music/acting/presenting etc. Other celebs that should stick to the day job include Jordan aka Katie Price, Geri Halliwell (have you seen her acting? Atrocious), Peter Kay and many, many more. I guess I can sort of understand why they want to try other things. I mean if someone comes along and says ‘Do you want to make a record and earn millions of pounds from it’ it’ll be hard to say no, especially if you’re career is already nose-diving. You’ve gotta take what you can get to stay in the public eye, if that’s the life you want to lead. But for all of our sakes I wish that sometimes they would just stay true to whatever it is they’re good at.

It’s not uncommon for blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London to be asked why they don’t do modelling, or some other career choice where they could make better use of their (usually very deft) brains. The answer comes down to the fact that the girls do it because it’s what they’re good at. They know they’ve got the beauty, the personality and the temperament to enjoy the job, so it would be foolish not to do so when they’re young. I’m confident that the escort girls will move onto bigger and better and things, but for now they’re just playing to their strengths.

Rest assured, there won’t be a ‘London Escort’ album released anytime soon!

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