Pick and Mix

I love how many options there are available to us in this country – all the way from food, to university courses, to cars, clothes and just about everything in between. As long as you don’t have unusual, specialist tastes you can pretty much fill your life with the things you like best – (and even specialist tastes can normally be looked up on the Internet and ordered). I mean, just look around your house and all the things in it – most of them chosen and selected out of a whole range of similar items that were available. You really can reflect your character in your environment. Even when I look around at the desks at the London escort offices, they’re all different, littered with bits and pieces that reflect the person that works at that desk.

The variety of things on offer makes life interesting and exciting, and I wonder how I would cope in a more ‘basic’ country where there are such limited options you end up doing the same things and eating the same things on a daily basis. In England you can wear a Taylor Bros suit, eat Thai curry and attend spinning classes one day, while the next day you might wear shorts and a t-shirt, eat a full English breakfast and rent a DVD of the latest blockbuster. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Even in the midst of this recession, people generally manage to cling onto the little things that brighten up their lives – there are no end of freebies and budget options around if you delve below the surface.

It’s strange that some people are such creatures of habit. Even though they metaphorically, at least, have the world at their feet, they stick to the same clothing brands, furniture, food and leisure habits. I guess people just like to find something that works and come to rely on it. Personally, I think it’s a waste of all the amazing variety on offer to always get the same/do the same. There are lots of different sides to my character, so I need to cater to all of them. Sure I have my favourites – mostly I pick Chinese food, but sometimes I just want pasta with Parmesan cheese. I love beer, but every now and then crave a nice can of cider!

Luckily the variety in our country extends to escort agencies! There are girls from so many different countries and backgrounds that they’re all naturally very different to each other. On top of this, there are blonde escorts in London, busty escorts in London, black escorts in London   the list goes on. If you normally love svelte brunettes with mile-long legs, there are plenty to choose from. But one day you might feel like going ‘against type’ with a petite blonde or an Amazonian-style black girl – both will be available! London escorts truly are a part of the rich tapestry of life we’ve come to expect in this great country! So pick the day and mix with any escort which you like with Playful escort agency.

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