Phew What A Scorcfher!!!

Now you see, you’ve only got yourselves to blame. You bang on day in day out with each other at the coffee machine bemoaning the British weather..’..typical another rainy weekend…yeh, Rob had planned a BarbQ we had all the fmily coming round, then we had to cancel…such a shame, I couldn’t get all the food in the freezer…we;ll be eating coleslaw and potatoe salad for the next two weeks smd its only Damien who likes humous’…blah blah blah and no doubt Monday you will be complaining about the humidity.

I’ve lived in hot countries and the fact is that the brits don’t do weather extremes so please, celebrate the English weather because variety is the spice of life and this weekend, just when you think you can’t take this heat anymore, the clouds will open and the rain will refresh us all and cool the temp. As an escort agency we know that they extreme weather conditions are bad for business. You all crash out exhausted and won’t even lift a hand to dial us to get yourself a little TLC. When it’s cold it tends to be a little easier…until we overstep the mark and get blizzard cinditions..then short of employing a team of snow ploughs rathervthan taxi’s, we know that the gritter’s snowed in and we’re facing total disruption. There always are a few brave souls who struggle to get to our Incall apartments in W1 or SW5, but even they are few and far between.

Guys I know that you’re probably thinking that tonight is not the night, but that actually makes it a good night to call.because it means that we will be quiet and you get a better chance of sampling our fantastic new Erika. Yes Erika one…a fantastic performer has moved on to pastures new…but Erika 2..The Blonde Bombshell’ has arrived and is setting the phone’s a ringing. She is one comely cColombian and her resemblance to Daryl Hannah has not gone unnoticed…but I’de say she was better looking and you simply won’t find this calibre of London Escort on any other budget website. Girls like these can command any price from 200 to 500…it’s a real coup to get her and now the challenge is on to keep her.

That means walking that tightrope between giving a girl enough support, and being too accomodating so you end up getting walked all over…sounds like blueprint for life really doesn’t it. Well I can tell you we don’t allow Diva’s at Playful…no girl, no matter how beautiful, is worth us compromising our service to you or the healthy family attitude we try to maintain here. I’m sure Erika 2 is not going to be a problem, she’s so gorgeous that I know she will be very busy….A very Classy Lady (for Colombia that is/

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