Pay Day should be Play Day with escorts

Don’t worry folks, the day you have all been waiting for is finally here, it is pay day and everyone can take a collective sigh of relief after what seems like the longest month in history. After having been paid nice and early in December (usually by the 3rd week for most people) it seems as though the 6 week wait from then until now has gone on for an eternity. What makes it so much worse is that we probably spend more toward the end of December/beginning of January than we do at any other time in the year. Christmas and New Years Eve are often quite big expenses for most people, take that, coupled with the rise in VAT at the beginning of January and the general costliness of doing pretty much anything in London these days and you have a recipe for a very difficult month of January financially. But it’s ok, the wait is over, we can all finally rejoice, it is payday and the London escorts are waiting for your call.

As you can imagine it has been a quieter month than usual for our escorts in London as people tighten the purse strings for the long haul of January. From speaking to the girls it seems as though a lot of them have been getting quite bored and annoyed at the lack of attention from you guys this month so they will now be expecting a phone call or two now that you have all been paid.

You deserve it anyway, after such a grim month (weather, money and government legislations included)I think spending a bit of time with a busty escort in London is the least you could do for yourself in terms of a little treat. I know there are probably a whole list of things that you want to treat yourself with after such a long month but think about it, what would you really prefer? That new pair of jeans that you have been eyeing up or a night our 2 with a sexy London escort. A night with one of the girls would be far more memorable in a few months time compared with that pair of jeans!

Think of it like this, the girls are feeing quite bored and restless and you are eager to treat yourself after having been paid, it is pretty much a no brainer isn’t it?

Enjoy your pay day weekend guys, it’s been a long wait!

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