Pass The Popcorn

We all like going to the cinema to see a good film every now and then, or if you have been scared away by the cold it is equally as nice to spend a night indoors in front of the TV watching a film. But it occurred to me the other day, whilst watching a film with a female friend of mine that whilst it is of course important that the film you are watching is good, it is equally important that the person you are watching the film with is a good ‘movie watching partner’. So if, like me, you struggle to find a good person to go and see a film with why not give one of our London escorts a call, they all like to see as good film every now and then.

The film I was watching the other day was the newly released (on DVD) ‘Inception’, a lot of you may have seen it, but if not I am sure you have at least heard about it. It is one of the most complicated yet intriguing films that I have ever seen, and it is also one of the only films that I have been forced to watch twice in the very same evening. You may be wondering why on earth I decided to watch a 2 hour long film twice in the same night, and I will tell you…. Because I watched it with a girl that would literally not stop talking and she never stopped asking questions about things that I had no answer for because she was constantly talking! So, as a result of this I was forced to send her on her way after the first viewing and settled back down to watch it again. Whilst I did understand and enjoy watching it a lot more the first time I did find that I missed having someone there to watch the film with, someone to share the experience and muse about the plot with.

If you have found that you have a similar problem to me and you are desperately seeking a good partner to watch films with then look no further than one of our gorgeous escorts in London. Not only will you be getting a girl that is nice to look at, but you will also be getting a girl that enjoys a good film and understand the importance of not talking the whole way through them.

Just because our busty escorts in London look good it does not mean that you have to take them out to a bar or a nightclub, they are just as happy to go and watch a good film or two, either at the cinema or at home. The added bonus is that our escorts in London are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so whether you want to catch a matinee or a late night film they can meet you anytime. So before you invite that annoying mate to share your Orange Wednesday think about giving one of our London escorts a call.

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