Party Poppet

Alright, so you’re at the office Christmas party, casually sat on the photocopier, when that girl from accounts with the incredible eyes and body of a goddess walks over and asks what you’re up to later. Except it isn’t a girl from accounts with incredible eyes and the body of a goddess. It’s  Jan from accounts and she’s twenty stone. And fancies you. Why put yourself through this when you could be at a bar off Leicester Square with a beautiful busty blonde and a bottle of top class wine? Our beautiful London Escorts are the instant way to liven up any evening or, better yet, horrifically crap Christmas party. You can guarantee they’ll be charming, brilliant company and stunningly beautiful. Goodbye Jan.

For a big night out why not opt for Anna, the extroverted latino with a passion for life and especially for dancing. She’s not been in the city long but already knows the best latino clubs in the capital. If latino’s not your thing, then take her to your side of town and show her the way of the Londoner.

If it’s a party you really can’t be bothered going to, then Blonde Escort Mercedes is the perfect choice. She is the party. Genuine, fun and with one of the best smiles in the industry, Mercedes is one of those girls who will not only impress the guys but will improve even the worst sort of party. The ones where everyone stands about talking about how drunk they were last week and sipping pints of strongbow from cheap plastic cups in some sort of weird function room. Whether it’s a weird function room or a posh champagne bash, when you’re hanging out with Mercedes, the night’s going to be a blinder wherever you are.

Obviously there’ll be some of you who just want to avoid the awkward cracker pulling and drunk boss altogether, so make it a date as far away from the office as you possibly can. Get to a trendy bar, a cosy pub or a chic restaurant and share some spag bol with someone who you actually want to spend time with. Personally I’m sticking with the Covent Garden, bottle of wine image complete with a stunning blonde Escort like Rebecca. Busty, beautiful, relaxed and charming, she’d be the ideal date for anyone wanting something more out of their Friday nights.

See, you don’t have to spend the run up to Christmas office-party dodging, making smalltalk and hanging about wanting to be anywhere else. Save that for Christmas dinner with the family. There are so many great Escorts just waiting for a Londoner to show them the city, take them partying or have a chat over some Pinot Grigio. And whatever happens, it’s a lot better than having to flirt with fat Jan next to the photocopier for the fourth year running.

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