Party Pooper

I was gutted last week to miss two of my close friends’ joint 30th birthday party because I was laid up with flu. This event had been on the calendar for months, with lots of excited talk amongst my friends about how elaborate it would be, how ‘everyone’ was going to be there and it would be the party of the year! So obviously I was looking forward to it – especially as we don’t get round to doing full-on parties much these days. But then one day before I came down with flu (which I haven’t had for ten years, incidentally). I tried to deny that I was ill, and struggled into work at the London escort offices as normal, but by mid-afternoon I knew it was game over, and just caught a taxi all the way home. The next day I was fully ensconced in flu symptoms, and barely able to move out of bed, let alone attend the party. So it was all very disappointing and I thought bitterly about how God seemed to like playing these little tricks on me for his amusement. I can remember a couple of other occasions where I’ve had to miss out on something because of some sudden and unexpected illness, and I’ve never got over the disappointment. There was the time when I got tonsillitis just before the school play I was supposed to be in when I was fifteen, and didn’t even get to see it, and another time I missed out on a New Year’s Eve party that I’d already brought a ticket for, because of a bad cold. The worst time of all was when I got food poisoning on the morning I was due to go off on holiday with my two friends at the age of seventeen. I was miserable at home the whole week knowing they were off having fun without me. I still haven’t got over that! The nice thing was, when they got home, they’d brought me quite a few gifts to make up for everything.

I think it’s quite important to have some kind of consolation prize to make up for these disappointments. I remember when a mate of mine hadn’t been able to come to a football game with us because he’d been quite sick the morning of the game, so when I got back I went round his place loaded with football souvenirs, pizza and beer, and we watched the game on the TV together. It certainly seemed to cheer him up.

Similarly, when another friend was unable to attend my stag do because of some other conflicting obligation, he was so gutted hearing about our night at the strip bar and all our antics, that I decided the only thing that might make him feel better about things was the company of blonde escort in London, or a busty escort in London! So me and the other guys clubbed together and set him up with a lovely London escort, who went to dinner with him then gave him a massage at home afterwards. He said he didn’t care about missing the stag do after that!

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