Party on Dude

When in our descriptions we sat this London Escort is a ‘party girl’ it doesn’t mean that she likes jelly and ice cream. It means that she’s willing to join in with any event you may be attending. That means that she’s up for what ever you’re going to throw at her.

Maybe you have the evening free in London and you’d like to go clubbing or to the casino but with a partner on your arm. The simple fact is that not all girls want to do that. Some like to keep it a little more formal and not let themselves go too much. The party girls are to use a London expression ‘Up for it’. They’re like you’re best mates only with fantastic curves and without the need for a kebab at the end of the evening. If you want to dance until the early hours, drink slammers, visit the casino then back to the hotel to the sauna etc then they’ll be there with you every step of the way. If you want to visit the 24 hour bagel shop in Brick lane at 5.00am then she’ll go with you and probably order a smoked salmon and cream cheese for herself.┬áIf you want to go to Greenwich park at dawn and watch London wake up with a bottle of Champagne then get a bacon and egg butty at The Hut..she’ll be there squirting the ketchup for you.

I think you’re getting the picture. These are very special London Escorts who not only have an indepth knowledge of where to go in London to get the best possible experience out of the place, but are going to be on your arm, geeing you along, making the evening or day or both go with a real swing and clutching that bottle of bubbly case you trip and break it.

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