Our Girls just Don’t get it

After watching the highly anticipated match between Arsenal and Barcelona last night I got the usual feelings that I get when I watch a game full of such quality and drama, I should have been a footballer, why didn’t I try harder in my youth to pursue the dream? And what better feeling could there possibly be in the world then scoring the winning goal in such a big game? For any real fan of football I do not think that there are many things that could ever even come close to comparing. A couple of the escorts in London were pottering about the London escort HQ whilst I was watching the game and with the lack of males that were in the building at the time I was forced to pour out my disappointment at never having become a footballer to the girls whilst also attempting to explain that scoring the winning goal in a big game would be pretty dam amazing, they just couldn’t quite grasp it!

Maybe it is just something inbuilt in all males, we just crave the feeling of adulation that comes with scoring such an important goal. I have watched numerous matches from the World Cup, the Champions League and any other big footballing competition that you can think of and anytime I see a moment of brilliance that wins a football match like Wayne Rooney’s crazy overhead kick against Manchester City last weekend I can’t help but imagine myself in that position.

The difference between how guys and girls see this kind of thing is pretty funny I must say, when I asked the London escorts to name me a few things that they think would be better than scoring a winning goal in that fashion and some of the things that they came out with really showed how little they think of it.

Some of the things that they suggested would be better than scoring the winning goal at the World Cup final included… buying new shoes, eating a nice meal and even watching their favourite TV program, unbelievable I know.

To any guys thinking of hiring a London escort my advice to you is to just not ask such silly questions as I do not think they could fathom the glory attached to scoring that important goal!

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