One is never enough

After work at the London escort offices last night I went for a drink with friends and ended up getting quite squiffy. Maybe I’m a budding alcoholic, but once I get into a pub I find it quite difficult to stop drinking  – I can never just have one. It’s like a genuine thirst. And I find that sometimes when I’m just relaxing at home I crave a beer or a glass of wine, too, although I certainly don’t drink every night. One of my friends who was at the pub is the opposite of me; he’ll struggle through one alcoholic drink, just to ‘get in the mood’ but then he’s on tomato juice for the rest of the night! He said that apparently scientists have discovered that people who tend to drink more often have a rarer version of a particular gene than those who are more moderate drinkers. Having been diagnosed by my pal over a beer, I decided not to worry anymore about possibly drinking too much – it probably isn’t my fault anyway, it’s my stupid genetic make-up!

Of course, really, we could probably all just blame our genes for the things we get wrong. A lot of overweight people claim their problem is genetic or ‘glandular’, and I actually think there’s some truth in that. I mean if our genes can affect us in so many ways, why shouldn’t they also predispose some people to hold on to weight or to overeat? There was a story in the newspaper recently about sixteen year-old twins – the boy was fit as a fiddle, thin and healthy, while the girl was a whopping 28 stone. And the crazy thing is, she eats very moderately, much more so than her luckier brother. Baffled doctors did some testing and discovered the girl has a rare genetic disorder that causes everything she eats to be stored as fat – and there’s no cure as yet. So the poor girl has to go through life unhealthy and abused in public because of one tiny gene defect.

Boffins have even discovered that a high proportion of men in prison have ‘crime genes’ – i.e. some kind of genetic glitch that predisposes them to behave very badly. Maybe one day, with all the advances in genetic engineering, babies likely to become criminals can have gene therapy at a young age to ensure they’ll be law-abiding citizens!

Luckily not all genetic predispositions are as serious as those discussed above. Some people are biased towards certain lifestyles or even a particular sense of style. I wouldn’t even be surprised if there were some folk whose genetic make-up makes them crazy about escort girls! There are guys that really can’t seem to get enough of London blonde escorts or London busty escorts and go on dates with them as often as every week. Obviously it’s to be expected that London escorts can have an addictive effect on clients, but I’m sure that for some it’s also partly ‘in their genes’ to love these ladies more than most!

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