On line dating disaster

Working in the office of a busy London escort agency doesn’t always leave much free time for a full social life, especially when it comes to dating. For a while last year I tried using online dating sites for the first time ever, and sadly can report that it was a generally frustrating experience and one that was ultimately unsuccessful. I chose a so-called ‘quality’ site and spent a decent amount of time and effort writing a considered profile and uploading my best photos. It was all very exciting at first. Within 20 minutes of my profile going live I had about 6 messages from girls wanting to ‘get to know me better’. I forced myself to be calm and properly examine the profiles of these would-be wives rather than just eagerly replying to all of them based merely on their being nothing overtly offensive about them.

After a few days of exchanging messages with two girls I began to understand what my friend was talking about when he’d warned me about the ‘game-players’ on these kinds of sites. Despite explicitly stating in my profile that I only wanted to hear from people interested in a genuine relationship, I received a large number of messages from people clearly only after one thing. Some of them didn’t even bother to introduce themselves, simply leaving a phone number in my inbox. Even more irritating than this were the girls that, having established a kind of rapport with me, then lost interest and began either making up excuses or vanished altogether. The two girls I was messaging initially both chickened out once we’d arranged tentative dates, both at the last minute.

I did finally manage to get as far as meeting a girl for a date. She was nice enough but we soon realised we didn’t have much in common, despite our similarities on paper. We spent a good amount of time bad-mouthing the website and exchanging stories about the other members. From what she told me, the guys were even worse players than the girls. Her experiences mirrored mine, but also included receiving a message from a couple that wanted her to do a threesome, guys that were clearly looking to solicit sex via an ‘arrangement’, and guys that looked nothing like their photos.

After a couple of months of spending my hard-earned time and money on this site and having conversations with numerous girls, I decided to cut my losses and return to the real world. It baffled me why so many people that only wanted flings or one-night-stands would go to the hassle of using the site, when it would be many times more simpler and quicker to make use of an escort agency in London. Rather than wasting hours trying to convince someone to meet them who might not be who they say they are anyway and will have their own agenda, why not just call an agency and book a night with a busty escort in London? Or have a look at their website and take their pick of blonde escorts in London or black escorts in London, whatever they fancy that particular night. The major benefits of doing it this way include being pretty certain about what you’re getting and what it’ll involve (basically whatever you want). London escorts are happy to go along with your idea of a good time, and don’t require a flurry of e-mails, phone calls and membership fees beforehand.

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